Pet Odor Removal

Call us at Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning!  We have improved greatly  our ability to permanently remove odors from pet accidents.  Our updated training and  new improved chemicals make it possible to guarantee the odor will be removed.   First the source of the odor must be found and researched.  For example male  versus  female makes a big difference on whether the walls (drywall board) and baseboards are a source that needs attention also.  A Urine probe detector is the best way to test for urine damage.  We treat minor stains without pulling up the carpet by flooding the area with odor removers and sucking it up 20 minutes later with the Water Claw (subsurface tool).  More extreme problems require  pulling the carpet up in the affected areas and removing the padding, then treat the floor and tack strips with odor killers, or in very bad situations sealing the sub-floor and replacing tack strips and base boards.  Then the new padding is put in place after the carpet has been treated and all odors removed.  Finally new tack strips or baseboards in place and install the carpet back in place.  Every situation is different  and must be investigated for the best treatment procedures.  Don;t give up and replace good carpet when we can make it look and smell like new for a huge savings.  We also can sell you spotters with deodorizers(pet) already in them that work great for a quick fix in smaller instances.  Then relax and enjoy all the pleasures of the pets you love.  Thanks for all your business!