Pet Odor Removal

As technology moves forward, there are better ways to remove pet urine . It can be removed completely if you reach all the way to the source by flooding the area with enzymes that will eat away at the problem. After 10-30 minutes of dwell time, we use our water Claw tool to pull the moisture back out of the treated area. Then we clean and deodorize all the carpet. The enzymes continue to work at eating away all of the contamination. Spraying the enzyme on lightly after carpet is cleaned will help finish off any visible signs or odors of the urine. Regular cleaning and deodorizing does not go as deep as the backing or the pad or the floor itself. This would be why some odors and stains wick their way back to the surface. Removing all the urine is helpful with keeping the animal from returning to the same area again and again. In order to get most of the problem areas treated, we do a black light inspection that will illuminate the problem areas. Now you know where to treat the problem and avoid missing some contaminated areas. Our expertise and knowledge will take care of your problems. Our long standing goal is to keep our customers Happy!

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