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We are The Omaha Nebraska Metro-Area experts in carpet cleaning. When it comes to carpeting, a wealth of knowledge and experience (33 Years) is very important. Charlie at Advanced Carpet Cleaning can help you with all of your concerns. We choose the best method of cleaning based on the circumstances and fiber involved. Sometimes the best choice can be encapsulation(low-moisture) cleaning. This may help eliminate spots/spills from returning over time. Encapsulation cleaning is also a great choice if quick drying is desired (1-2 hours). Steam cleaning can be a plus because high heat and powerful suction can help alleviate odors or germs, along with the dirt. We have an arsenal of ways to remove unique spots or spills, such as red wine, kool-aid, wax, gum, tar, pet stains/odors. Many of these circumstances need expert knowledge and equipment to ensure successful results. Do-it-yourself techniques can sometimes make things even harder to remove. Some over the counter chemicals can actually set the stains, thus making it more difficult or in rare instances, impossible to remove. In extreme circumstances we can even dye or repair the damaged area.
We also personally see (hands on) at our thousands of jobs each year, things we can share with you. The newer shag-style carpet that has become trendy over the past 4 or 5 years, are showing wear very rapidly, not holding up even in light traffic situations. Charlie and Advanced Carpet Cleaning of Omaha can steer you away from buying the wrong carpet or even upholstery. Polyester and Olefin fiber carpets are more for commercial situations. Dry clean only types of furniture(fabric) can have a very short lifespan if used in normal lifestyle situations. Kids and pets give you a reason to buy certain cleaner friendly fabrics and fibers for your home furnishings (carpet/upholstery).
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