Omaha emergency pet urine damage and removal

Pets are wonderful, most of the time.  Accidents and emergencies will occur, espescially as they get a little older.  The best thing to do is to immediately soak up into a towel as much urine as possible.  We sell chemicals that can greatly improve your chances of odor and stain removal.  Sometimes the use of over the counter products can permanently set these stains, depending on the material your carpet is made of.  In a pinch a mixture of half white vinegar and water can be used.   Urine left deep down in your carpet can continue to do damage, so a professional using enzyme products will completely dissolve and remove the problem.  Call us immediately if your attempts do not work to your satisfaction.  Larger problems definitely need our professional services.  The urine can absorb into subfloors(wood or cement), baseboards, and even the wallboard(drywall).  For success you must treat all the affected areas.  We can flood the area with our treatment chemicals and suck them back out with our sub-surface water removal tool.  That will remove excess urine and also get the deep down areas treated properly.   Really bad or large areas would probably mean removing and throwing away the padding, and then treating the carpet, backing, and sub floor. After it is all restored and dry, a new pad would be put down and the carpet stretched back and tacked in place.  We can use urine probes and black light tools to find all the sources of urine in your home.  Treating most of the problem can help, but finding and treating all the accidents is way more effective.  Enjoy your pets and the Holidays, call us when the going gets tough.

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