Omaha Carpet Spots and Stains

We  come to your home and deliver a free spotting kit and demonstrate how to correctly remove stains.  Lots of information about your home is available, including a Free price quote.    If after trying to remove any spot or stain with our spotter, special methods can be tried and potentially save your carpet.  Our spotter is formulated not to set the stain in permanently or leave any residues behind.  Of course we hope you will add some service you may need done while we are at your home.   Sharing this with friends and family can gain you more rewards, cash, discounts on any of our services, and free products.  We have a store front for great household products you can purchase.  They are more professional(work better) and usually cheaper than store bought chemicals that may harm your carpet, or furniture or even set the stains permanently.  Other useful information is available year after year,  free of charge.  You will have expert help for all your needs, upholstery cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Air duct cleaning, carpet protectors, deodorizing, and upholstery protectants.  We also clean tile/and grout, dryer vents, mattresses, cars, Carpet, air ducts, furniture, and rugs.    You can have your free spotter refilled also free forever.   Call Charlie at 402-734-2172 and also visit our web site at