Home winterizing in Omaha Nebraska

Everyone should be aware and proactive about freezing pipes and floods in their homes.  In cold weather regions you must keep those pipes from freezing up.  If you go out of town for vacation you can do preventive things like open cabinet doors to sinks and do not set your thermostat below 60 degrees.   Outside faucets must have the hose removed before freezing weather comes.  For extended vacancy the water should be turned off and faucets turned on to drain the lines.  One way to check your outside faucet is to put a cap on the spigot and turn on the water.  The noise should stop after several seconds.  If noise continues, you have a problem, like water leaking inside the homes walls where the split pipe froze up and later thawed.  Call a professional plumber to fix the pipes. It is an emergency, so call us to remove water and dry your carpet.  Also turning off washing machine water hook-ups when out of town can be a big relief.  The metal hoses should be used there to limit the chance of the hoses bursting.  Mass quantities of water  can come out in a hurry.   Your home can also become very dry and static prone if you have no humidifier on the furnace.  Carpet cleaning  when it is cold out can be very good.  It will put that well needed humidity into your home, and the carpet drying time can be faster and dry in a few hours.  Other helpful homeowner tips:  Don’t let snow pile up too deeply on your roof, as it can cause some major problems.  A roof rake can be effective, but be careful,  lots of accidents occur when up in higher places.