How to deal with carpet stains

Inevitably an accident or spill will occur in your home.  You will want to immediately blot up and remove as much of the spot as possible using an absorbent towel or rag.  Patiently dab up and remove the bulk of the stain.  Use water only at first or a spot remover supplied by your local professional carpet cleaner.  Blot and rinse the area repeatedly avoiding spreading the substance.  One of the biggest mistakes customers make is to try lots of strong remedies in desperation, this can also be rather dangerous as some chemicals should not be mixed together.  It also could make successful removal by us harder if not impossible.    Do not use strong store bought chemicals or heat as this may set the stain and make it harder or impossible for us to remove if you need our professional assistance.  We can remove most stains with our arsenal of knowledge and special-use expert chemicals.  We are very successful even when removing red juice or pink stains.  Other stains we have great luck with include rust, gum, tar, yellow pet stains, wine, shoe polish, and many others.  Be careful not to jump online for tips as they may not be your best choice.   Feel free to call us for more information. 734-2172