Garage Floors

Got dirty garage floors? Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, established in 1980, can steam-clean them back to original condition! Dislike the color? RonSon Painting can bring your dull cement garage floor to a beautiful tone of your choosing. When combined, these two companies can bring your garage to new heights. You wouldn’t believe your eyes. Using pre-treatment chemicals and a powerful degreasing agent Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning will scrub your floors spotless. And with clean floors, what better way to invest your hard-earned cash, than the elegant painting styles that RonSon has to offer. Not only is this deal an affordable way to make your garage look ten times more attractive, but it is also a huge health benefit. Every extended period of time spent in your dirty, dusty, filthy garage is causing a build up of harmful pollens and bacteria in your lungs, making the job worth every penny. Not many people are aware of how unsanitary their garages can be and how damaging the effects of the filth can be for your family and guests. A major benefit that comes with the fresh coat of paint is that it leaves a solid smooth surface, making future cleanings simple and easy. Having a clean garage adds to the cleanliness of the interior of your home. It prevents the dirt  from being spread  throughout your home and extends the life of your carpets. It is vital that any home in Omaha with dirty garage floors give Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning and RonSon Painting a ring as soon as possible!