Free Spot Remover

We offer unlimited Free spot remover to our regular clients.  This unique spot remover does not attract dirt like store bought chemicals.  It will stay clean and spots don’t return.  Just ask anytime at the job if we did not give you a bottle.  Not over applying the spotter is one of the main secrets to spot removal.  Keeping most of the spot remover on the white towel makes it easier to blot up and rinse the stain away.   Most household stains will be easily removed with blotting and dabbing with a white terry cloth towel(we offer the towel also).  Some nearly impossible stains to remove like red wine or Koolaid can be removed over 90% of the time with our special procedures and chemicals not available to the homeowners.  Our trained professional technicians carefully work on extremely hard to remove stains, with great success.  So don’t replace good carpet when we can save the day.  Soaked in stains from bigger spills tend to return after a while.  We can use our subsurface water removal tool to get the deep down problems in the carpet backing and padding.  We flood the area with spot remover and deodorizers,  then the subsurface tool sucks it back out and brings the bulk of the coffee/urine/pop/milk/wine/-Out– which then is no longer down in there trying to wick it’s way back to the top(becoming a re-appearing stain.  Regular professional carpet cleaning and scotchgarding can help stains to not become permanently embedded.  Call us anytime for information on stain removal or service.  If you can’t get it out / we probably still can remove most issues.  Thanks, Charlie 402 734 2172