DRY/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We have invested a lot of time and effort into the encapsulation cleaning method for carpet cleaning.  It has many awesome advantages to make your carpet clean and last longer.  We apply the encapsulation cleaner onto the carpet and then the Trinity machine works it in with absorbent pads.  All the spots come out very nicely and do not re-appear thus leaving your carpet clean for a long time.  It actually resists soil rather than attracting it.   The method is  gentle to your carpet and fine upholstery.  The drying time is usually just  1-2 hours and furniture can be replaced almost immediately.  The oscillating pads and machine bring debris and soil to the surface to be vacuumed away much more efficiently than ever before, thus leaving the carpet cleaner longer.  It also will extend the life of your expensive carpet because the grit and grime is no longer deeply embedded and grinding against the fibers.  Unlike our truck-mounted powerful steam cleaning, your door can be left closed in the winter as the 2 inch hoses do not have to run out to our van. Both methods clean very well, but if you need fast drying or closed entry doors, the Trinity and encapsulation cleaning is the answer for you.  Fast Drying is a big plus also.  It is amazing on those pesky stairs that keep getting dirty fast.  Our impressive success on all kinds of stains applies to either method of cleaning.  We can get out pink/red stains, rust, gum, tar, coffee, and many more.  We can even dye spots that are bleached out or discolored.  Professional Carpet Cleaning has many benefits and almost pays for itself in most cases!

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