Pet Odor Removal

As technology moves forward, there are better ways to remove pet urine . It can be removed completely if you reach all the way to the source by flooding the area with enzymes that will eat away at the problem. After 10-30 minutes of dwell time, we use our water Claw tool to pull the moisture back out of the treated area. Then we clean and deodorize all the carpet. The enzymes continue to work at eating away all of the contamination. Spraying the enzyme on lightly after carpet is cleaned will help finish off any visible signs or odors of the urine. Regular cleaning and deodorizing does not go as deep as the backing or the pad or the floor itself. This would be why some odors and stains wick their way back to the surface. Removing all the urine is helpful with keeping the animal from returning to the same area again and again. In order to get most of the problem areas treated, we do a black light inspection that will illuminate the problem areas. Now you know where to treat the problem and avoid missing some contaminated areas. Our expertise and knowledge will take care of your problems. Our long standing goal is to keep our customers Happy! Read more »

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your carpet and upholstery  can save you big bucks.  The life of your home’s carpet is determined by a multitude of factors. To lengthen the life of your carpet, keeping dry soils from settling deep into the fibers of the carpet by vacuuming frequently is a must. The friction from these particles rubbing on the carpet fibers can destroy the carpet rapidly. Depending on the degree of traffic, this could require vacuuming a minimum of 1 to 2 times per week.  A good strong vacuum cleaner is required.  Also, vacuum cleaners need constant maintenance to keep them working properly.  The Basics are emptying it often and keeping hair and string off the rotating brushes.  Every few months all  the main filters need washed or replaced, before you have major loss of suction.  The next most important concept is to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will remove stains and condition the carpet in a way that simply vacuuming cannot.  Most stains can be removed by a good professional carpet cleaning company.   Do it yourself methods can set the stain, thus making them harder for professionals to remove.  They can become permanent by using  off the shelf chemicals that are too strong and even bleach away some of the color in your carpet or furniture.   Another way to extend the life of your carpet is to Scotch-Gard it. This type of carpet protector can keep the soils from attaching to the fibers. It will make vacuuming much more effective and prevent stains from becoming permanent and potentially ruining your carpet.  Moving your furniture into different arrangements can keep a path from forming in the traffic areas.  Speaking of furniture,  most of these comments apply to fabric also.  Furniture fabric can be way more fragile and sensitive.  It can be even more important to use fabric protector on upholstery.    Always hire a professional to take care of your expensive carpet and upholstery.  We find that basic Nylon is the best and most durable choice for upholstery and carpet.  Some of today’s fabrics can “Fuzz-Out”, or wear out way faster than in the past.  You can consult your professional carpet cleaner on which fabric and carpet type is the best.  With our hands on experience from day to day, we see what to recommend .  We also can tell you what types to avoid.  Our professional  Experience and Knowledge can help save you lots of money and heartache.  Pets also are a huge problem on carpet and require even more knowledge to keep the stains and odor out.  Your professional carpet cleaner can usually remove almost any odor.  Sometimes urine can be soaked all the way to the pad and through to the floor.   We can soak the pad and pull the moisture back out, which is very effective.   Worst case scenario involves removing the pad and sealing the floor.  New pad is replaced after the carpet is treated .  Installing […] Read more »

Tile and grout cleaning

Regular cleaning of the tile flooring in your home is highly recommended. This can extend the life of the tile by many years and keep it looking nice. We prespray the flooring to loosen all the stains and dirt. Next we agitate it with brushes to get it deep down clean. Now we steam clean, to rinse away all the dirt and residues. When your tile and grout looks like new again, you will want to keep it that way. We can apply a sealer to make the cleaning hold up for years. The sealer can also keep potential stains from soaking in and becoming harder or nearly impossible to remove. We can even do these services for you at the same time as your regular carpet cleaning, or while having your air ducts cleaned. Read more »

A.C.E. – Automated-C-Easy-text reminders

We have another new service for our valued customers to go along with our free spotter and spot and spill warranty. You can now elect to be texted a reminder that it is time for your carpet to be cleaned. The text can be sent automatically every 6 months, up to two years. You , the customer have the choice to have it sent however you want. You can request to have post card reminders sent instead, however often you like.  Leave it to Joe to keep effective, reasonable, convenient programs coming to the smaller local quality carpet cleaning companies. It is a great plus to be able to serve our special customers in so many ways. Check out our Mobile Web Site, it is very user friendly for the smart phone. In today’s busy society, any easy reminders to help our customers have less to deal with, is appreciated. We try to help the clients in any way possible, referring companies that they may need from time to time, besides just Advanced Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. Mouth to mouth referrals from people you count on and trust helps relieve the worrying about who to call, and get good reliable services of any kind.  With today’s over abundance of emails, the texting reminder is a welcome relief.  Just ask Charlie anytime about our programs, including referral rewards program, and Free perks we offer you, our valued customer.  We plan to give you the best possible experience in your home for another 30 + years.  Call 734-2172 for more information anytime. Read more »

Home winterizing in Omaha Nebraska

Everyone should be aware and proactive about freezing pipes and floods in their homes.  In cold weather regions you must keep those pipes from freezing up.  If you go out of town for vacation you can do preventive things like open cabinet doors to sinks and do not set your thermostat below 60 degrees.   Outside faucets must have the hose removed before freezing weather comes.  For extended vacancy the water should be turned off and faucets turned on to drain the lines.  One way to check your outside faucet is to put a cap on the spigot and turn on the water.  The noise should stop after several seconds.  If noise continues, you have a problem, like water leaking inside the homes walls where the split pipe froze up and later thawed.  Call a professional plumber to fix the pipes. It is an emergency, so call us to remove water and dry your carpet.  Also turning off washing machine water hook-ups when out of town can be a big relief.  The metal hoses should be used there to limit the chance of the hoses bursting.  Mass quantities of water  can come out in a hurry.   Your home can also become very dry and static prone if you have no humidifier on the furnace.  Carpet cleaning  when it is cold out can be very good.  It will put that well needed humidity into your home, and the carpet drying time can be faster and dry in a few hours.  Other helpful homeowner tips:  Don’t let snow pile up too deeply on your roof, as it can cause some major problems.  A roof rake can be effective, but be careful,  lots of accidents occur when up in higher places. Read more »

Free Spot Remover

We offer unlimited Free spot remover to our regular clients.  This unique spot remover does not attract dirt like store bought chemicals.  It will stay clean and spots don’t return.  Just ask anytime at the job if we did not give you a bottle.  Not over applying the spotter is one of the main secrets to spot removal.  Keeping most of the spot remover on the white towel makes it easier to blot up and rinse the stain away.   Most household stains will be easily removed with blotting and dabbing with a white terry cloth towel(we offer the towel also).  Some nearly impossible stains to remove like red wine or Koolaid can be removed over 90% of the time with our special procedures and chemicals not available to the homeowners.  Our trained professional technicians carefully work on extremely hard to remove stains, with great success.  So don’t replace good carpet when we can save the day.  Soaked in stains from bigger spills tend to return after a while.  We can use our subsurface water removal tool to get the deep down problems in the carpet backing and padding.  We flood the area with spot remover and deodorizers,  then the subsurface tool sucks it back out and brings the bulk of the coffee/urine/pop/milk/wine/-Out– which then is no longer down in there trying to wick it’s way back to the top(becoming a re-appearing stain.  Regular professional carpet cleaning and scotchgarding can help stains to not become permanently embedded.  Call us anytime for information on stain removal or service.  If you can’t get it out / we probably still can remove most issues.  Thanks, Charlie 402 734 2172 Read more »

Happy Holidays!

We at Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  We are looking forward to serving you in the new year.   You can expect more than ever, amazing customer service.  We work hard at keeping our appointments on a timely schedule and try very hard to arrive near the scheduled time.   Our cleaning methods are state of the art, fast drying, deep cleaning, and reasonably priced.  At  Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, we strive to give the highest quality available in the Omaha metro area.  Check us out online at soon.  Look to sign up for our free email newsletters.  Join our Referral Program and much more.  There are special deals available, too.   Our business is built on Repeat clients, that recommend us and use our services over and over again through the years.  Try our other services, like our tile and grout cleaning and sealing.  It can make a world of difference in the appearance.  We can speed dry your flooring and carpets or protect and scotchgard them  too.  We can give you large discounts during the long winter months to keep your home looking great.  We respect your home and belongings and treat them very carefully. Read more »

Garage Floors

Got dirty garage floors? Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, established in 1980, can steam-clean them back to original condition! Dislike the color? RonSon Painting can bring your dull cement garage floor to a beautiful tone of your choosing. When combined, these two companies can bring your garage to new heights. You wouldn’t believe your eyes. Using pre-treatment chemicals and a powerful degreasing agent Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning will scrub your floors spotless. And with clean floors, what better way to invest your hard-earned cash, than the elegant painting styles that RonSon has to offer. Not only is this deal an affordable way to make your garage look ten times more attractive, but it is also a huge health benefit. Every extended period of time spent in your dirty, dusty, filthy garage is causing a build up of harmful pollens and bacteria in your lungs, making the job worth every penny. Not many people are aware of how unsanitary their garages can be and how damaging the effects of the filth can be for your family and guests. A major benefit that comes with the fresh coat of paint is that it leaves a solid smooth surface, making future cleanings simple and easy. Having a clean garage adds to the cleanliness of the interior of your home. It prevents the dirt  from being spread  throughout your home and extends the life of your carpets. It is vital that any home in Omaha with dirty garage floors give Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning and RonSon Painting a ring as soon as possible! Read more »

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