Carpet Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your carpet and upholstery  can save you big bucks.  The life of your home’s carpet is determined by a multitude of factors. To lengthen the life of your carpet, keeping dry soils from settling deep into the fibers of the carpet by vacuuming frequently is a must. The friction from these particles rubbing on the carpet fibers can destroy the carpet rapidly. Depending on the degree of traffic, this could require vacuuming a minimum of 1 to 2 times per week.  A good strong vacuum cleaner is required.  Also, vacuum cleaners need constant maintenance to keep them working properly.  The Basics are emptying it often and keeping hair and string off the rotating brushes.  Every few months all  the main filters need washed or replaced, before you have major loss of suction.  The next most important concept is to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will remove stains and condition the carpet in a way that simply vacuuming cannot.  Most stains can be removed by a good professional carpet cleaning company.   Do it yourself methods can set the stain, thus making them harder for professionals to remove.  They can become permanent by using  off the shelf chemicals that are too strong and even bleach away some of the color in your carpet or furniture.   Another way to extend the life of your carpet is to Scotch-Gard it. This type of carpet protector can keep the soils from attaching to the fibers. It will make vacuuming much more effective and prevent stains from becoming permanent and potentially ruining your carpet.  Moving your furniture into different arrangements can keep a path from forming in the traffic areas.  Speaking of furniture,  most of these comments apply to fabric also.  Furniture fabric can be way more fragile and sensitive.  It can be even more important to use fabric protector on upholstery.    Always hire a professional to take care of your expensive carpet and upholstery.  We find that basic Nylon is the best and most durable choice for upholstery and carpet.  Some of today’s fabrics can “Fuzz-Out”, or wear out way faster than in the past.  You can consult your professional carpet cleaner on which fabric and carpet type is the best.  With our hands on experience from day to day, we see what to recommend .  We also can tell you what types to avoid.  Our professional  Experience and Knowledge can help save you lots of money and heartache.  Pets also are a huge problem on carpet and require even more knowledge to keep the stains and odor out.  Your professional carpet cleaner can usually remove almost any odor.  Sometimes urine can be soaked all the way to the pad and through to the floor.   We can soak the pad and pull the moisture back out, which is very effective.   Worst case scenario involves removing the pad and sealing the floor.  New pad is replaced after the carpet is treated .  Installing it back into place properly is the final step.  So, take care of it all by calling your local professionals.  Thanks,   Charlie  Advanced Carpet Cleaning  402-734-2172

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