Pet Odor Removal

As technology moves forward, there are better ways to remove pet urine . It can be removed completely if you reach all the way to the source by flooding the area with enzymes that will eat away at the problem. After 10-30 minutes of dwell time, we use our water Claw tool to pull the moisture back out of the treated area. Then we clean and deodorize all the carpet. The enzymes continue to work at eating away all of the contamination. Spraying the enzyme on lightly after carpet is cleaned will help finish off any visible signs or odors of the urine. Regular cleaning and deodorizing does not go as deep as the backing or the pad or the floor itself. This would be why some odors and stains wick their way back to the surface. Removing all the urine is helpful with keeping the animal from returning to the same area again and again. In order to get most of the problem areas treated, we do a black light inspection that will illuminate the problem areas. Now you know where to treat the problem and avoid missing some contaminated areas. Our expertise and knowledge will take care of your problems. Our long standing goal is to keep our customers Happy!

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your carpet and upholstery  can save you big bucks.  The life of your home’s carpet is determined by a multitude of factors. To lengthen the life of your carpet, keeping dry soils from settling deep into the fibers of the carpet by vacuuming frequently is a must. The friction from these particles rubbing on the carpet fibers can destroy the carpet rapidly. Depending on the degree of traffic, this could require vacuuming a minimum of 1 to 2 times per week.  A good strong vacuum cleaner is required.  Also, vacuum cleaners need constant maintenance to keep them working properly.  The Basics are emptying it often and keeping hair and string off the rotating brushes.  Every few months all  the main filters need washed or replaced, before you have major loss of suction.  The next most important concept is to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will remove stains and condition the carpet in a way that simply vacuuming cannot.  Most stains can be removed by a good professional carpet cleaning company.   Do it yourself methods can set the stain, thus making them harder for professionals to remove.  They can become permanent by using  off the shelf chemicals that are too strong and even bleach away some of the color in your carpet or furniture.   Another way to extend the life of your carpet is to Scotch-Gard it. This type of carpet protector can keep the soils from attaching to the fibers. It will make vacuuming much more effective and prevent stains from becoming permanent and potentially ruining your carpet.  Moving your furniture into different arrangements can keep a path from forming in the traffic areas.  Speaking of furniture,  most of these comments apply to fabric also.  Furniture fabric can be way more fragile and sensitive.  It can be even more important to use fabric protector on upholstery.    Always hire a professional to take care of your expensive carpet and upholstery.  We find that basic Nylon is the best and most durable choice for upholstery and carpet.  Some of today’s fabrics can “Fuzz-Out”, or wear out way faster than in the past.  You can consult your professional carpet cleaner on which fabric and carpet type is the best.  With our hands on experience from day to day, we see what to recommend .  We also can tell you what types to avoid.  Our professional  Experience and Knowledge can help save you lots of money and heartache.  Pets also are a huge problem on carpet and require even more knowledge to keep the stains and odor out.  Your professional carpet cleaner can usually remove almost any odor.  Sometimes urine can be soaked all the way to the pad and through to the floor.   We can soak the pad and pull the moisture back out, which is very effective.   Worst case scenario involves removing the pad and sealing the floor.  New pad is replaced after the carpet is treated .  Installing it back into place properly is the final step.  So, take care of it all by calling your local professionals.  Thanks,   Charlie  Advanced Carpet Cleaning  402-734-2172

Dryer Vent Cleaning- – Fire Safety

Dryer vent cleaning is very important!  FEMA statistics say that over 15,600 clothes dryer fires, require that the Fire Department respond every year. Cleaning your dryer vent regularly (once a year) can help you save on energy, and help protect your loved ones from dangerous fires.  Some warning signs that you need to have the dryer vent cleaned out, are : Burning smell (Hot lint) – Clothes are Hot to the touch – Multiple cycles are needed to finish drying your clothes.  Most homes built in the last 35 years have a main level laundry room with longer ducting to vent out the back of your home.  The more turns and longer distances mean more lint build up.  When lint starts to clog up in the vent, air flow is inhibited and the dryer works harder and gets way Hottter. It is hard to notice that you slowly have to add more time, or run the dryer again, to get clothes completely dry.   It take special equipment and brushes to get all the way through the dryer vent(ductwork).  Most 25-35 foot long vents are impossible to clean properly by yourself.  Call a professional to remove all the obstruction thoroughly, so everything works properly again, and it will stay clean longer (up to a whole year).  Many homeowners replace and buy new dryers, only to find out it was clogged ductwork causing the problem.  Then they still need to have it cleaned out.  It can usually cost only about $90-110 to get cleaned by a professional.  Call us at Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning 402-734-2172 for Free price quotes and more information.  We would be glad to discuss your needs, and give you accurate pricing.

Tile and grout cleaning

Regular cleaning of the tile flooring in your home is highly recommended. This can extend the life of the tile by many years and keep it looking nice. We prespray the flooring to loosen all the stains and dirt. Next we agitate it with brushes to get it deep down clean. Now we steam clean, to rinse away all the dirt and residues. When your tile and grout looks like new again, you will want to keep it that way. We can apply a sealer to make the cleaning hold up for years. The sealer can also keep potential stains from soaking in and becoming harder or nearly impossible to remove. We can even do these services for you at the same time as your regular carpet cleaning, or while having your air ducts cleaned.

Vacuum cleaners (Whole House) in Omaha, NE metro area

The whole house vacuum system has up to 100 feet of small pipe (duct work) that is approximately 1 and a half inches or smaller. The many turns and elbows to go to all the outlets(plug in hose adapter in wall), can be easily blocked or clogged. Especially avoid sucking up (vacuuming up) items 1 and a half to 2 inches long, (short lollipop sticks, bobby pins, toothpicks, etc.), as they will get stuck in the turns(elbows) and all the fuzz begins attaching to it and eventually blocks it completely. It is very difficult to unclog the hair and debris. You may have to cut into the PVC pipe and undo the mess(clog) and then repair/replace the piping. I suggest that at any accesible elbow that a y piece be put beside it inline. Just plug the open part of the Y and it is now an awesome access point to unclog future problems. Open up the end of the Y and vacuum or fish out the blockage, and you can be back to full power in no time. A professional carpet cleaning would be a good idea,, since your vacuum was probably working inefficiently for a long time(months) before it was clogged enough to notice. A powerful steam cleaning and deodorizing will put you in good shape, now that you have a lot of suction again to keep your carpet clean again. Don’t forget how important it is to keep the Dryer vent (duct work) pipes clean also. It can be a fire hazard and waste of energy if the dryer does not have maximum flow out these vents(pipes). Whole house air duct cleaning can cost several hundred dollars, but it is definitely worth it. Every 5 years or so the dust builds up that gets past your filter, until lots of dust blows into your rooms each time the fan blows(cycles). A professional cleaning can have you breathing much cleaner/healthier air in no time.

Omaha, NE Professional Expert Advice/Information

We are The Omaha Nebraska Metro-Area experts in carpet cleaning. When it comes to carpeting, a wealth of knowledge and experience (33 Years) is very important. Charlie at Advanced Carpet Cleaning can help you with all of your concerns. We choose the best method of cleaning based on the circumstances and fiber involved. Sometimes the best choice can be encapsulation(low-moisture) cleaning. This may help eliminate spots/spills from returning over time. Encapsulation cleaning is also a great choice if quick drying is desired (1-2 hours). Steam cleaning can be a plus because high heat and powerful suction can help alleviate odors or germs, along with the dirt. We have an arsenal of ways to remove unique spots or spills, such as red wine, kool-aid, wax, gum, tar, pet stains/odors. Many of these circumstances need expert knowledge and equipment to ensure successful results. Do-it-yourself techniques can sometimes make things even harder to remove. Some over the counter chemicals can actually set the stains, thus making it more difficult or in rare instances, impossible to remove. In extreme circumstances we can even dye or repair the damaged area.
We also personally see (hands on) at our thousands of jobs each year, things we can share with you. The newer shag-style carpet that has become trendy over the past 4 or 5 years, are showing wear very rapidly, not holding up even in light traffic situations. Charlie and Advanced Carpet Cleaning of Omaha can steer you away from buying the wrong carpet or even upholstery. Polyester and Olefin fiber carpets are more for commercial situations. Dry clean only types of furniture(fabric) can have a very short lifespan if used in normal lifestyle situations. Kids and pets give you a reason to buy certain cleaner friendly fabrics and fibers for your home furnishings (carpet/upholstery).
Call Charlie at Advanced Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning (402)734-2172 for all you answers.

Air Duct Cleaning in Omaha

Cleaning your Air Ducts may be the single most valuable thing to have professionally done in your home. Air Filters cannot stop all the dust from blowing into the air you breath. National estimates is that as much as 70% get through to your living space. This can add up quickly, equalling many actual Pounds of dust. Electronic air filters are much more effective, yet still as much as 10% manage to make their way past. This is the reason to clean your air duct system every 2-4 years. Almost all our customers notice a lot less frequent dusting immediately. Bacteria and allergens are even more harmful when the house stays shut up all winter. Today, many people are very sensitive to dust mites and allergens, which we can very effectively remove. We offer sanitizing to kill all the bacteria and germs. And fogging the sanitizer will deodorize your air duct system, too. Ultra-Violet lights are very effective in killing any germs that go through your system. We sell and install the U-V lights for a very reasonable price. Also we can get you the electronic air filters, which can be a great value as they are permanent and need to be changed less often than the standard pleated paper filters. So Breathe cleaner air and get us to professionally clean your home’s Air Ducts and furnace. Don;t forget to steam clean your mattresses, Cloth furniture and carpet on a regular basis too. You will feel much better and live a healthier life style for you, your children, and even your pets. Everyone can benefit greatly by removing all the allergens floating around in your home.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Omaha

Baby On Carpet In OmahaGreen cleaning: you may have heard of it and perhaps even tried it. But what you may not know is that eco-friendly cleaning offers benefits beyond helping the environment. Combined with low-moisture carpet cleaning, green cleaning provides your household or office with the best result as well as a safe and chemical-free place for your family or employees. If you’re used to traditional carpet cleaners who use harsh cleaning agents that leave your house smelling oddly, rest assured that Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning is here to provide only the best for you.

First off, let’s go over exactly what low-moisture and green cleaning are. These techniques were developed as a response to older carpet cleaning techniques which required a lot of water and chemical detergents, both of which posed a potential risk to the home or office being cleaned. Wetting the carpet usually provides better results as far as cleaning goes; however, overwetting a carpet can cause substantial issues if the excess moisture is not extracted quickly. If water soaks into the padding, it can cause the carpet to shrink and tear from the backing, and the residual moisture can cause mold to develop if it’s not completely removed.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning, on the other hand, ensures that these disastrous scenarios will be neatly avoided by using only as much water as needed to clean the carpet. Not only does low-moisture save in costs, it prevents potential overwetting situations and also means a reduced drying time for the consumer. Typical carpet cleanings take anywhere from 3-4 hours to dry, while low-moisture jobs can take as little as one hour to be fully dry.

Additionally, green cleaning is using environmentally-friendly alternative cleaners to normal chemical ones. When they first debuted, green cleaners were much more expensive and less effective than chemical ones, leading to initial unpopularity and slow adoption. But nowadays, green cleaners are not only as effective as their traditional counterparts but competitively priced as well. Many carpet cleaning companies have adopted green cleaners as part of their cleaning lineup, as the vast majority of cleaning jobs do not require the strength of chemical cleaners.

But the benefits of green cleaners lays in their biodegradable properties. Since green cleaners are all made of natural components, not only do they leave your house smelling fresh and natural, but the hazards associated with chemical cleaners are eliminated. Traditional chemical cleaners have a number of dangerous substances in order to provide the immediate, powerful results that they do, and not all of these chemicals can be safe for pets, children, or humans with allergies or other health conditions. With green cleaning, you can rest assured that your household or workplace will be free from these substances, avoiding any of the potential costs of health complications that arise from adverse reactions to chemicals.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Omaha, Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning is the best in the area. We have state of the art equipment and have seasoned technicians who specialize in providing the best service and quality of work. We provide free estimates for your residential or commercial property and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning. Call us anytime at 402-734-2172 for questions or an estimate request!

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Omaha emergency pet urine damage and removal

Pets are wonderful, most of the time.  Accidents and emergencies will occur, espescially as they get a little older.  The best thing to do is to immediately soak up into a towel as much urine as possible.  We sell chemicals that can greatly improve your chances of odor and stain removal.  Sometimes the use of over the counter products can permanently set these stains, depending on the material your carpet is made of.  In a pinch a mixture of half white vinegar and water can be used.   Urine left deep down in your carpet can continue to do damage, so a professional using enzyme products will completely dissolve and remove the problem.  Call us immediately if your attempts do not work to your satisfaction.  Larger problems definitely need our professional services.  The urine can absorb into subfloors(wood or cement), baseboards, and even the wallboard(drywall).  For success you must treat all the affected areas.  We can flood the area with our treatment chemicals and suck them back out with our sub-surface water removal tool.  That will remove excess urine and also get the deep down areas treated properly.   Really bad or large areas would probably mean removing and throwing away the padding, and then treating the carpet, backing, and sub floor. After it is all restored and dry, a new pad would be put down and the carpet stretched back and tacked in place.  We can use urine probes and black light tools to find all the sources of urine in your home.  Treating most of the problem can help, but finding and treating all the accidents is way more effective.  Enjoy your pets and the Holidays, call us when the going gets tough.

DRY/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We have invested a lot of time and effort into the encapsulation cleaning method for carpet cleaning.  It has many awesome advantages to make your carpet clean and last longer.  We apply the encapsulation cleaner onto the carpet and then the Trinity machine works it in with absorbent pads.  All the spots come out very nicely and do not re-appear thus leaving your carpet clean for a long time.  It actually resists soil rather than attracting it.   The method is  gentle to your carpet and fine upholstery.  The drying time is usually just  1-2 hours and furniture can be replaced almost immediately.  The oscillating pads and machine bring debris and soil to the surface to be vacuumed away much more efficiently than ever before, thus leaving the carpet cleaner longer.  It also will extend the life of your expensive carpet because the grit and grime is no longer deeply embedded and grinding against the fibers.  Unlike our truck-mounted powerful steam cleaning, your door can be left closed in the winter as the 2 inch hoses do not have to run out to our van. Both methods clean very well, but if you need fast drying or closed entry doors, the Trinity and encapsulation cleaning is the answer for you.  Fast Drying is a big plus also.  It is amazing on those pesky stairs that keep getting dirty fast.  Our impressive success on all kinds of stains applies to either method of cleaning.  We can get out pink/red stains, rust, gum, tar, coffee, and many more.  We can even dye spots that are bleached out or discolored.  Professional Carpet Cleaning has many benefits and almost pays for itself in most cases!