The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Omaha

Green cleaning: you may have heard of it and perhaps even tried it. But what you may not know is that eco-friendly cleaning offers benefits beyond helping the environment. Combined with low-moisture carpet cleaning, green cleaning provides your household or office with the best result as well as a safe and chemical-free place for your family or employees. If you’re used to traditional carpet cleaners who use harsh cleaning agents that leave your house smelling oddly, rest assured that Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning is here to provide only the best for you. First off, let’s go over exactly what low-moisture and green cleaning are. These techniques were developed as a response to older carpet cleaning techniques which required a lot of water and chemical detergents, both of which posed a potential risk to the home or office being cleaned. Wetting the carpet usually provides better results as far as cleaning goes; however, overwetting a carpet can cause substantial issues if the excess moisture is not extracted quickly. If water soaks into the padding, it can cause the carpet to shrink and tear from the backing, and the residual moisture can cause mold to develop if it’s not completely removed. Low-moisture carpet cleaning, on the other hand, ensures that these disastrous scenarios will be neatly avoided by using only as much water as needed to clean the carpet. Not only does low-moisture save in costs, it prevents potential overwetting situations and also means a reduced drying time for the consumer. Typical carpet cleanings take anywhere from 3-4 hours to dry, while low-moisture jobs can take as little as one hour to be fully dry. Additionally, green cleaning is using environmentally-friendly alternative cleaners to normal chemical ones. When they first debuted, green cleaners were much more expensive and less effective than chemical ones, leading to initial unpopularity and slow adoption. But nowadays, green cleaners are not only as effective as their traditional counterparts but competitively priced as well. Many carpet cleaning companies have adopted green cleaners as part of their cleaning lineup, as the vast majority of cleaning jobs do not require the strength of chemical cleaners. But the benefits of green cleaners lays in their biodegradable properties. Since green cleaners are all made of natural components, not only do they leave your house smelling fresh and natural, but the hazards associated with chemical cleaners are eliminated. Traditional chemical cleaners have a number of dangerous substances in order to provide the immediate, powerful results that they do, and not all of these chemicals can be safe for pets, children, or humans with allergies or other health conditions. With green cleaning, you can rest assured that your household or workplace will be free from these substances, avoiding any of the potential costs of health complications that arise from adverse reactions to chemicals. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Omaha, Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning is the best in the area. We have state of the art equipment and have […] Read more »

Omaha Carpet Spots and Stains

We  come to your home and deliver a free spotting kit and demonstrate how to correctly remove stains.  Lots of information about your home is available, including a Free price quote.    If after trying to remove any spot or stain with our spotter, special methods can be tried and potentially save your carpet.  Our spotter is formulated not to set the stain in permanently or leave any residues behind.  Of course we hope you will add some service you may need done while we are at your home.   Sharing this with friends and family can gain you more rewards, cash, discounts on any of our services, and free products.  We have a store front for great household products you can purchase.  They are more professional(work better) and usually cheaper than store bought chemicals that may harm your carpet, or furniture or even set the stains permanently.  Other useful information is available year after year,  free of charge.  You will have expert help for all your needs, upholstery cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Air duct cleaning, carpet protectors, deodorizing, and upholstery protectants.  We also clean tile/and grout, dryer vents, mattresses, cars, Carpet, air ducts, furniture, and rugs.    You can have your free spotter refilled also free forever.   Call Charlie at 402-734-2172 and also visit our web site at Read more »

Home winterizing in Omaha Nebraska

Everyone should be aware and proactive about freezing pipes and floods in their homes.  In cold weather regions you must keep those pipes from freezing up.  If you go out of town for vacation you can do preventive things like open cabinet doors to sinks and do not set your thermostat below 60 degrees.   Outside faucets must have the hose removed before freezing weather comes.  For extended vacancy the water should be turned off and faucets turned on to drain the lines.  One way to check your outside faucet is to put a cap on the spigot and turn on the water.  The noise should stop after several seconds.  If noise continues, you have a problem, like water leaking inside the homes walls where the split pipe froze up and later thawed.  Call a professional plumber to fix the pipes. It is an emergency, so call us to remove water and dry your carpet.  Also turning off washing machine water hook-ups when out of town can be a big relief.  The metal hoses should be used there to limit the chance of the hoses bursting.  Mass quantities of water  can come out in a hurry.   Your home can also become very dry and static prone if you have no humidifier on the furnace.  Carpet cleaning  when it is cold out can be very good.  It will put that well needed humidity into your home, and the carpet drying time can be faster and dry in a few hours.  Other helpful homeowner tips:  Don’t let snow pile up too deeply on your roof, as it can cause some major problems.  A roof rake can be effective, but be careful,  lots of accidents occur when up in higher places. Read more »

Free Spot Remover

We offer unlimited Free spot remover to our regular clients.  This unique spot remover does not attract dirt like store bought chemicals.  It will stay clean and spots don’t return.  Just ask anytime at the job if we did not give you a bottle.  Not over applying the spotter is one of the main secrets to spot removal.  Keeping most of the spot remover on the white towel makes it easier to blot up and rinse the stain away.   Most household stains will be easily removed with blotting and dabbing with a white terry cloth towel(we offer the towel also).  Some nearly impossible stains to remove like red wine or Koolaid can be removed over 90% of the time with our special procedures and chemicals not available to the homeowners.  Our trained professional technicians carefully work on extremely hard to remove stains, with great success.  So don’t replace good carpet when we can save the day.  Soaked in stains from bigger spills tend to return after a while.  We can use our subsurface water removal tool to get the deep down problems in the carpet backing and padding.  We flood the area with spot remover and deodorizers,  then the subsurface tool sucks it back out and brings the bulk of the coffee/urine/pop/milk/wine/-Out– which then is no longer down in there trying to wick it’s way back to the top(becoming a re-appearing stain.  Regular professional carpet cleaning and scotchgarding can help stains to not become permanently embedded.  Call us anytime for information on stain removal or service.  If you can’t get it out / we probably still can remove most issues.  Thanks, Charlie 402 734 2172 Read more »

Pet Odor Removal

Call us at Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning!  We have improved greatly  our ability to permanently remove odors from pet accidents.  Our updated training and  new improved chemicals make it possible to guarantee the odor will be removed.   First the source of the odor must be found and researched.  For example male  versus  female makes a big difference on whether the walls (drywall board) and baseboards are a source that needs attention also.  A Urine probe detector is the best way to test for urine damage.  We treat minor stains without pulling up the carpet by flooding the area with odor removers and sucking it up 20 minutes later with the Water Claw (subsurface tool).  More extreme problems require  pulling the carpet up in the affected areas and removing the padding, then treat the floor and tack strips with odor killers, or in very bad situations sealing the sub-floor and replacing tack strips and base boards.  Then the new padding is put in place after the carpet has been treated and all odors removed.  Finally new tack strips or baseboards in place and install the carpet back in place.  Every situation is different  and must be investigated for the best treatment procedures.  Don;t give up and replace good carpet when we can make it look and smell like new for a huge savings.  We also can sell you spotters with deodorizers(pet) already in them that work great for a quick fix in smaller instances.  Then relax and enjoy all the pleasures of the pets you love.  Thanks for all your business! Read more »

Happy Holidays!

We at Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  We are looking forward to serving you in the new year.   You can expect more than ever, amazing customer service.  We work hard at keeping our appointments on a timely schedule and try very hard to arrive near the scheduled time.   Our cleaning methods are state of the art, fast drying, deep cleaning, and reasonably priced.  At  Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, we strive to give the highest quality available in the Omaha metro area.  Check us out online at soon.  Look to sign up for our free email newsletters.  Join our Referral Program and much more.  There are special deals available, too.   Our business is built on Repeat clients, that recommend us and use our services over and over again through the years.  Try our other services, like our tile and grout cleaning and sealing.  It can make a world of difference in the appearance.  We can speed dry your flooring and carpets or protect and scotchgard them  too.  We can give you large discounts during the long winter months to keep your home looking great.  We respect your home and belongings and treat them very carefully. Read more »

Garage Floors

Got dirty garage floors? Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, established in 1980, can steam-clean them back to original condition! Dislike the color? RonSon Painting can bring your dull cement garage floor to a beautiful tone of your choosing. When combined, these two companies can bring your garage to new heights. You wouldn’t believe your eyes. Using pre-treatment chemicals and a powerful degreasing agent Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning will scrub your floors spotless. And with clean floors, what better way to invest your hard-earned cash, than the elegant painting styles that RonSon has to offer. Not only is this deal an affordable way to make your garage look ten times more attractive, but it is also a huge health benefit. Every extended period of time spent in your dirty, dusty, filthy garage is causing a build up of harmful pollens and bacteria in your lungs, making the job worth every penny. Not many people are aware of how unsanitary their garages can be and how damaging the effects of the filth can be for your family and guests. A major benefit that comes with the fresh coat of paint is that it leaves a solid smooth surface, making future cleanings simple and easy. Having a clean garage adds to the cleanliness of the interior of your home. It prevents the dirt  from being spread  throughout your home and extends the life of your carpets. It is vital that any home in Omaha with dirty garage floors give Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning and RonSon Painting a ring as soon as possible! Read more »

How to deal with carpet stains

Inevitably an accident or spill will occur in your home.  You will want to immediately blot up and remove as much of the spot as possible using an absorbent towel or rag.  Patiently dab up and remove the bulk of the stain.  Use water only at first or a spot remover supplied by your local professional carpet cleaner.  Blot and rinse the area repeatedly avoiding spreading the substance.  One of the biggest mistakes customers make is to try lots of strong remedies in desperation, this can also be rather dangerous as some chemicals should not be mixed together.  It also could make successful removal by us harder if not impossible.    Do not use strong store bought chemicals or heat as this may set the stain and make it harder or impossible for us to remove if you need our professional assistance.  We can remove most stains with our arsenal of knowledge and special-use expert chemicals.  We are very successful even when removing red juice or pink stains.  Other stains we have great luck with include rust, gum, tar, yellow pet stains, wine, shoe polish, and many others.  Be careful not to jump online for tips as they may not be your best choice.   Feel free to call us for more information. 734-2172 Read more »

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We are an earth friendly carpet cleaning company!!

We are an environmentally friendly company.  We know the importance of taking care of Planet Earth for us and our children.  Modern technology helps show how fragile our environment can be.  Advanced Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, strives to keep informed and implement any and all useful tips and procedures.  You can be assured that all our cleaning products are safe for you, your children, and pets.   We look forward to serving you! Read more »