Air Duct Cleaning in Omaha

Cleaning your Air Ducts may be the single most valuable thing to have professionally done in your home. Air Filters cannot stop all the dust from blowing into the air you breath. National estimates is that as much as 70% get through to your living space. This can add up quickly, equalling many actual Pounds of dust. Electronic air filters are much more effective, yet still as much as 10% manage to make their way past. This is the reason to clean your air duct system every 2-4 years. Almost all our customers notice a lot less frequent dusting immediately. Bacteria and allergens are even more harmful when the house stays shut up all winter. Today, many people are very sensitive to dust mites and allergens, which we can very effectively remove. We offer sanitizing to kill all the bacteria and germs. And fogging the sanitizer will deodorize your air duct system, too. Ultra-Violet lights are very effective in killing any germs that go through your system. We sell and install the U-V lights for a very reasonable price. Also we can get you the electronic air filters, which can be a great value as they are permanent and need to be changed less often than the standard pleated paper filters. So Breathe cleaner air and get us to professionally clean your home’s Air Ducts and furnace. Don;t forget to steam clean your mattresses, Cloth furniture and carpet on a regular basis too. You will feel much better and live a healthier life style for you, your children, and even your pets. Everyone can benefit greatly by removing all the allergens floating around in your home.

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