A.C.E. – Automated-C-Easy-text reminders

We have another new service for our valued customers to go along with our free spotter and spot and spill warranty. You can now elect to be texted a reminder that it is time for your carpet to be cleaned. The text can be sent automatically every 6 months, up to two years. You , the customer have the choice to have it sent however you want. You can request to have post card reminders sent instead, however often you like.  Leave it to Joe to keep effective, reasonable, convenient programs coming to the smaller local quality carpet cleaning companies. It is a great plus to be able to serve our special customers in so many ways. Check out our Mobile Web Site, it is very user friendly for the smart phone. In today’s busy society, any easy reminders to help our customers have less to deal with, is appreciated. We try to help the clients in any way possible, referring companies that they may need from time to time, besides just Advanced Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. Mouth to mouth referrals from people you count on and trust helps relieve the worrying about who to call, and get good reliable services of any kind.  With today’s over abundance of emails, the texting reminder is a welcome relief.  Just ask Charlie anytime about our programs, including referral rewards program, and Free perks we offer you, our valued customer.  We plan to give you the best possible experience in your home for another 30 + years.  Call 734-2172 for more information anytime.

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